Tesla Semi proves itself in fascinating, new independent test

Several Tesla Semi trucks are participating in a fascinating, new independent test study, and the electric truck is starting to prove itself.

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) has started its new Run on Less program to test several electric trucks in real-world conditions and release the data in real time.

There are three new Tesla Semi trucks in the program this year, and the data for the first study has just been released.

Tesla Semi #1

Tesla Semi #2

Tesla Semi #3

We don’t know the loads or even when they were loaded and not loaded – though we can get an idea from the graphs – but the Tesla Semi trucks were able to travel between 376 and 545 miles on the first day.

Electrek’s Take

This is exciting data giving us one of the best looks into a class 8 electric semi truck to date. We will keep tracking the data over the next 17 days in order to release a more comprehensible look at the Tesla Semi – and the first supervised by a third party.

While we are still early in the Tesla Semi production program, this is a good chance for the truck to prove itself against naysayers who didn’t believe BEV class 8 trucks would be possible – looking at you Bill Gates.

It’s also a chance to compare Tesla Semi against the limited offering of BEV trucks on the market.

In comparison, for the first day at least, the Nikola Tre only traveled 61 miles:

But its use case with WattEV is to cover much shorter distances. As you can see, it did 17 deliveries in those 61 miles.

In short, brace yourself for a lot of new data coming in.