Tesla Cybertruck’s small frunk revealed in leaked video

A video from inside Tesla Gigafactory Texas has revealed the Cybertruck’s frunk for the first time.

As expected based on recent sightings, it is small, but at least, it’s there.

Front trunks, or frunks, are believed to be more valuable in electric pickup trucks rather than in regular passenger electric cars since they have beds instead of trunks.

The idea of having an enclosed section of the vehicle that is meant to be kept clean, which is not necessarily the case of a truck bed even though Cybertruck’s bed has a cover, is an appealing one to many.

Earlier this year, a Cybertruck was posted with its hood open for the first time. The hood opening was so large, it gave us hope that the electric pickup truck might feature a huge frunk.

However, with the release candidates of the production version of the Cybertruck hitting the roads recently, we have started to think differently.

A recent leaked video from inside a Tesla shop gave a better look at what’s happening under the Cybertruck’s hood:

The drunk didn’t have a liner in it, which makes it harder to know for sure what it would look like in its final form, but it was so busy that some were worried it could potentially even have no frunk.

At the very least, it looked like the Cybertruck would have a small frunk.

Now a new Tik Tok video, which appears to have leaked from inside Gigafactory Texas, has given us a better look at what could be the final Cybertruck frunk:

We can see that a liner is at least partially installed with some trims missing, but it does confirm that the Cybertruck will have a small frunk:

It’s hard to tell exactly, but it looks to be big enough for a couple of carry-on suitcases or a decent load of groceries.

Tesla is expected to start deliveries of the Cybertruck by the end of next month. The automaker should release more information, specs, and pricing about the electric pickup truck at the delivery event.