Tesla restarts deploying Magic Dock adapters at Superchargers in the US

Tesla has evidently restarted deploying Magic Dock adapters at its Superchargers in the US or at the very least at one station in Texas.

Earlier this year, Tesla started deploying what it calls “Magic Dock” at a few Supercharger stations.

It serves as a new receiver for the Tesla charge connector on the Supercharger station, and it can be disconnected to the charger to act as a NACS to CCS adapter.

In February, Tesla officially launched the new Supercharger stations with Magic Dock as a way to onboard non-Tesla EV owners to the Supercharger network.

It installed the adapter at about a dozen stations in New York and California, but then the device was not seen coming at any new station in months.

It wasn’t clear what was happening, but we assumed that Tesla paused the adapter’s deployment because of its deals with automakers to adopt NACS, which started coming in May.

But now Tesla has been spotted installing the Magic Dock at a station in Texas:

The Magic Dock was deployed at the Supercharger station in Eastchase Fort Worth near Arlington, Texas.

Tesla brought a Ford F-150 Lightning to test out the device:

The station is not yet officially listed as “open to non-Tesla electric vehicles” on its website, but this is a good sign that Tesla will keep opening stations to other EVs ahead of releasing its adapters to Ford, GM, Volvo, Rivian, and other EV owners next year.

Let’s keep an eye out for more Magic Dock Superchargers in the future.