Tesla has the top 4 most American-made cars, only American automaker in top 10

Tesla has the top four most American-made cars, and it is the only American automaker in the top 10 of Cars.com‘s 2023 American-Made Index (AMI).

Even though many people still don’t even know that Tesla is an American automaker, the company has consistently ranked as the most American-made auto brand in the last few years.

That’s thanks to Tesla’s vertical integration approach, which results in the automaker making a lot of its parts itself and in the US for the vehicles it manufactures in North America.

Cars.com tries to track which automakers and models, in particular, are the most “American-made” with its annual American-Made Index (AMI).

The publication released its 2023 AMI today and Tesla dominated with the top four vehicles all being from the Texas-based automaker:

  1. Tesla Model Y
  2. Tesla Model 3
  3. Tesla Model X
  4. Tesla Model S
  5. Honda Passport
  6. Volkswagen ID.4
  7. Honda Odyssey
  8. Acura MDX
  9. Honda Ridgeline
  10. Acura RDX

That’s based on a review of 388 vehicles made in the US:

This year, the AMI consideration set comprises 388 vehicles, but only 100 made the cut with electric vehicle powerhouse Tesla sweeping the first four spots, joined at the top by mainstay Honda, returning Acura and newcomer Volkswagen, making its first-ever showing in the Index’s top 10.

Interestingly, Tesla is also the only American automaker in the top 10 with Japanese Acura/Honda taking four other spots and German Volkswagen taking one with the ID.4.

The ID.4 makes it five electric vehicles in the top 10.

It could indicate an opportunity for electric vehicle manufacturers to vertically integrate and create more localized supply chains.

The government recently incentivized that when it comes to batteries through the IRA’s requirement that an increasingly high percentage of batteries be built in North American and materials come from countries with free trade agreements.