Tesla has now installed over 500,000 Powerwalls

Tesla has confirmed that it has now installed over 500,000 Powerwalls worldwide, and it is growing fast.

While there are now quite a few home battery back solutions, Tesla owns a large part of the mindshares with Powerwalls.

It virtually launched the Li-ion home battery market when introducing the product in 2015.

But Powerwall didn’t really take off until Powerwall 2 was introduced in 2016, and even after that, it took a while to ramp up.

In May 2020, Tesla confirmed that it installed its first 100,000 Powerwalls, which took the company almost four years.

A year later, in May 2021, Tesla confirmed that it has now reached 200,000 Powerwall installations – doubling its installations in just a year.

The company kept ramping up from there, and in November 2021, Tesla said that it had reached 250,000 Powerwall installations.

It took Tesla 6 years from launching the Powerwall to deploying 250,000 units, but now we learn that it took the company less than two years to deploy the next 250,000 Powerwall.

Tesla confirmed today that it has now deployed 500,000 Powerwalls:

This new impressive rate of deployment can be explained by the fact that Tesla has been partnering with more third-party installers to install Powerwalls and the company’s own increased production.

Last year, we learned that Tesla has the capacity to produce 6,500 Powerwall per week at Gigafactory Nevada.

This isn’t likely sustained due to battery supply constraints, but it is enough to enable the deployment of 250,000 Powerwalls in about a year and a half.

We recently reported that Tesla is now preparing to launch the next version of the home battery pack: Powerwall 3.

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