Tesla slightly increases Model Y price

Tesla has slightly increased the price of its cheapest Model Y by $250. The delivery timeline has also been pushed – showing that Tesla is seeing strong demand for the vehicle.

After consistently decreasing the price of its electric vehicles throughout the first half of the year, Tesla seems to have slowed down its price changes over the last month.

There were even slight price increases, and now, the automaker did it again for the base Model Y.

Last night, Tesla updated its online configurator to increase the price of the Model Y AWD built in Texas from $47,490 to $47,740:

Tesla has previously said that it is keeping a close eye on production capacity and order flow to adjust prices in order to keep them aligned.

Along with the price increase, Tesla has pushed the delivery window by a month – now July through August.

This is a sign that Tesla has enough demand for the Model Y AWD built in Texas through the end-of-quarter delivery push.

The prices of the other versions of the Model Y have stayed the same. All Tesla Model Y vehicles currently have access to the full $7,500 federal tax credit for electric vehicles.

Electrek’s Take

This is a good sign that Tesla’s current demand is good or stable – at least for Model Y.

Model 3 is obviously in a weird situation right now with the imminent refresh and inventory vehicles being discounted.

Model 3 new inventory is still going up right now, so we might see more discounts on that front in the next two weeks before the end of the quarter.