Porsche releases two new electric bikes and you better sit down for the price

Porsche is back again with a pair of new high-end electric bicycles. It’s not the company’s first attempt at e-bikes, but they may be some of their most expensive yet.

In fact, it’s far from Porsche’s first e-bike rodeo.

Compared to others in the recent wave of automotive companies getting into the e-bike game, Porsche has been around the block several times.

The company recently completed its acquisition of high-performance electric mountain bike company Greyp Bikes, but has been building its own Porsche e-bikes for several years now.

The two latest models though, known as the Porsche eBike Cross Performance and eBike Cross Performance EXC, are some of its highest-end to date. The two models were created in collaboration with e-bike specialist Rotwild and are said to “get hearts racing both on asphalt and on the trail.”

Porsche eBike Cross Performance

The Porsche eBike Cross Performance, which starts at US $14,250, is the more affordable of the brand’s two new models.

The new electric bike version has technically already been on the market for two years, but not like this. The updated model features Fox Factory suspension and the new Shimano EP-801 mid-drive motor.

That drive unit gets paired with a 630 Wh battery that Porsche says will “ensure maximum performance on the trail.” For both uphill and downhill sections, riders will likely enjoy the electric 12-speed Shimano rear derailleur for finding the perfect gear ratio and pedaling cadence.

The EP-801 motor also offers two riding profiles: Profile 1 features the three support modes EcoTrail, and Boost, while in the Fine Tune Mode of Profile 2 riders can individually set up to 15 support parameters. Serious riders will be able to make ample use of those many customizable profiles to suit different terrain and riding needs.

Another high end feature includes the bike’s Auto Shift function that shifts the drivetrain independently, while the Free Shift function allows shifting without crank movement.

And what is any high-end electric bike without high-end stoppers? The MT7 brake system from Magura, which features a powerful four-piston caliper made of forged aluminum, certainly fits the bill here. And the Fox 34 Float Factory suspension fork offers serious comfort with 120 mm of travel paired with the Fox Float DPS Factory air shock with 100 mm of travel in the rear.

The Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro Carbon wheel set provides directional stability with a unique spoke tension on the front and rear wheel. The B220 Flatriser 35 carbon handlebar from Rotwild complements the carbon frame, whose design was inspired by the sporty sloping roofline or “flyline” of the Porsche Taycan.

That frame is also adorned with performance lettering in a matching Fox Factory color scheme.

The company describes the Porsche eBike Cross Performance EXC as “designed to meet individualized requirements and exudes true craftsmanship, thanks to select colors from the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur.”

The model comes with additional color choices of Star Ruby Neo, Ice Gray Metallic, Mamba Green Metallic, Carmine Red, Shade Green Metallic, and Shark Blue, which the company describes as “vivid, partly historic variants that enjoy cult status among Porsche fans.”

The Porsche eBike Cross Performance EXC comes in with a bit pricier of a tag, to the tune of US $15,350.

Hey, it’s still cheaper than Porsche Taycan!