Kia is bringing back its cheapest EV6 model, but only in these states

The Kia EV6 Light, its cheapest trim, lives on. Although the base model was supposedly discontinued this year, Kia confirmed it will be offering it in select western US states.

Kia’s first dedicated EV has changed the perception of the brand. The South Korean automaker is using the transition to EVs to transform how the public perceives its vehicles.

Based on the Hyundai Motor Group’s E-GMP dedicated EV platform, the EV6 is a 5-passenger sport crossover with a low center of gravity, sport suspension, and impressive handling.

Last year, Kia offered five models; its cheapest base trim (Light) started at $41,400. However, discontinuing the Light version earlier this year in favor of longer-range models resulted in a $7,300 price hike, with the Wind (RWD) starting at $48,700.

The higher prices, in addition to losing the $7,500 tax credit for purchases, resulted in EV6 sales dropping 53% in April compared to last year.

Kia bumped up the incentives earlier this month to make it easier to go electric, offering a $7,500 “EV lease bonus” applied as a vehicle markdown. Well-qualified losses can lease an EV6 Wind (RWD) for $499 a month (36 months) with a $4,999 down payment.

Furthermore, Kia Finance America is sweetening the deal for buyers, offering up to $3,750 in bonus cash toward purchasing a new 2023 EV6.

By bringing back its cheapest trim for the 2023 model year, Kia is making it even more accessible to buy or lease the EV6.

Kia is reviving the EV6 Light, its cheapest trim

A dealer in Ontario, CA, told news outlet CarsDirect that they received a 2023 EV6 Light model in stock.

The sticker price for the 2023 EV6 Light was $43,925, with 232 miles of range. Although it’s $1,230 more than the 2022 model year, it’s still $4,775 less than the current base model, the EV6 Wind RWD.

In addition, the EV6 Light base model will still be eligible for the $7,500 lease incentive. Kia spokesperson James Hope confirmed the report, explaining:

Kia is following the market and other EVs sellers such as VW (ID.4) are offering shorter range models in relatively limited volume. Kia is doing the same in the Western Region only. Customers who don’t require the longer range appreciate the value.

The cheapest EV6 Light trim will be offered in west coast states, including AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, NV, OR, UT, and WA, according to Kia’s incentive bulletin.

If the base version stays below $45,000, EV6 buyers in California will also be eligible for the state’s $2,000 Clean Vehicle Rebate.

Electrek’s Take

With sales falling, it seems like a smart move for Kia to bring back the lower-priced Light trim. Although it has a lower range, as Kia indicated it was moving away from, many buyers don’t need the excessive range.

Most commuters can get to and from work while stopping to run endless errands on the way home with 232 miles of range.

We’ll see if Kia’s new pricing strategy can boost EV sales as it aims to grab market share in the rapidly expanding US market.