Tesla offers free year of unlimited home overnight charging to new Texas Model 3 buyers

Tesla has launched an interesting new offer through its new “Tesla Electric’” division – one year of free home charging to new Model 3 buyers until the end of the quarter.

Late last year, after gaining experience through its virtual power plants (VPPs), Tesla took things a step further with the launch of “Tesla Electric.”

Instead of reacting to specific “events” and providing services to your local electric utilities, as Tesla Powerwall owners have done in VPPs in California, Tesla Electric is actively and automatically buying and selling electricity for Tesla Powerwall owners – providing a buffer against peak prices.

The company is essentially becoming an energy retailer.

Tesla Electric is currently only available to Powerwall owners in Texas, but the company has plans to expand the products through this new branch.

At its Investor Day earlier this year, Tesla announced that it plans to use Tesla Electric to offer unlimited overnight charging for $30 per month to owners in Texas.

Tesla can afford to do this through its relationships with electric utilities that have a surplus of power at night thanks to lower demand and strong wind power. The automaker basically incentivize owners to charge at night on that cheap electricity.

Now Tesla is using this program as an incentive for Texas residents to buy new Model 3 vehicles.

For new Model 3 buyers taking delivery of a car by June 30, 2023, Tesla will wave the $30 a month fee for the first year:

Exclusively for Tesla vehicle owners, Tesla will offer a Tesla Electric Home Charging Plan in eligible territories of Texas. With the Tesla Electric Home Charging Plan, Tesla vehicle owners can charge their vehicle overnight at home for $30 per month ($1/day billed monthly). For eligible customers who order and pick up a new Model 3 between May 26, 2023, and June 30, 2023, Tesla Electric will waive the vehicle charging fee for a year for their new Model 3. 

Texas residents can use this tool to see if their home is eligible to the Tesla Electric plan. Current Tesla owners can also join to get unlimited overnight home charging for $30 a month.

Tesla also released its electricity rate for Tesla Electric in Texas:

The company says that more details about the program are going to be released this summer.