Tesla discounts new inventory cars – now starting at $384 a month

Tesla is starting to discount new inventory vehicles, including the Model 3, which now starts at $35,000 after incentives or $384 a month for a lease.

Model X is also being discounted.

It’s fair to say that Tesla’s pricing strategy has been hard to keep up within the last year. After significant price increases throughout 2022, the automaker slashed pricing over half a dozen times in 2023.

The price changes on new orders have slowed down over the last month, but we have noted that Tesla is now creating a discrepancy between its new car order prices and new inventory vehicle prices – something that didn’t exist before.

Prior to this month, you custom build a car for order, and it would be the same price as if you find the exact same build in Tesla’s new inventory vehicles.

That changed after a $500 price increase on Model 3 and Model Y didn’t apply to new inventory vehicles earlier this month.

Now it looks like Tesla is further increasing this discrepancy on Model 3 inventory vehicles with a new discount:

Tesla appears to have applied a $1,210 discount on new inventory Model 3 vehicles in the US.

It now starts at $39,030 before incentives. With the $3,750 federal tax credit, it’s $35,280, which is about the original price that Tesla was aiming for Model 3. It also brings the lease price down to $384 a month.

As for new Model 3 orders, Tesla is maintaining the same price and deliveries by June for all versions.

Tesla is also discounting some new inventory Model X vehicles by $1,560, but it’s not across all vehicles like Model 3.

Electrek’s Take

It does seem like Tesla is trying to bring down new inventory vehicles. It makes sense since it looks like Model 3 new inventory is a year high right now (via Matt Jung):

But again, Model X is the biggest issue and only some inventory models have been discounted in my own check on the inventory website.

It might not be a bad time to buy. Prices have been stable for a bit and actually went up on Model 3 and Model Y for new orders most recently.

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some end-of-quarter buying incentive next month.

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