Elon Musk hints at new Tesla Roadster beating Rimac Nevara’s new records

Elon Musk is hinting at the next-generation Tesla Roadster beating Rimac Nevara’s newly achieved performance records.

We are getting more news about the next-gen Roadster in the last few days than we have in over a year.

After many delays, CEO Elon Musk was asked about it by a Tesla shareholder at the company’s annual meeting yesterday, and he released a new timeline:

We expect to complete the engineering and design of the next-generation Tesla Roadster this year and hopefully, this is not a commitment, but hopefully start production next year.

Musk added that it will be “sick” and reiterated that it will be equipped with the “SpaceX package,” which supposedly includes cold air thrusters to improve acceleration and handling.

Interestingly, right after the announcement, Rimac announced that its own electric hypercar, the Nevara, has just beat a bunch of new records.

The list of performance records is impressive:

Even though they operate in vastly different segments considering the Nevara starts at $2 million and Tesla said the Roadster would start at $250,000, there’s been a bit of a rivalry between the Nevara and next-gen Roadster.

Rimac reportedly updated its plans for the Concept_Two, which became the Nevara, after seeing what Tesla had done with the new Roadster.

Now the rivalry continues as Musk was asked if the next-gen Tesla Roadster would beat the Nevera’s newly established 0-60 mph acceleration record, and the CEO answered simply “lol”:

It would hint at Tesla planning for the new Roadster to have a quicker acceleration.

Not only could it beat a 0-60 mph acceleration in 1.74 seconds, but some have suggested an acceleration as quick as 1.1 seconds for a Roadster equipped with the SpaceX package.

Should we believe this, or is it a fairy tale like the Roadster has been for the last six years? Let us know in the comments section below.