Apple Maps EV routing expands to its second car following 2020 debut

Porsche is signing on to be the second EV maker to officially adopt support for EV routing in Apple Maps. This means that Porsche Taycan drivers can now use Apple Maps via CarPlay, signaling Porsche’s continued commitment to CarPlay as other automakers abandon Apple’s platform.

Apple Maps EV routing expands to second car

Apple first announced support for EV routing in Apple Maps back at WWDC 2020, saying that it was working with Ford and BMW to start. The feature eventually debuted for Ford Mustang Mach-E drivers last year, making the Mach-E the first EV to integrate with Apple Maps. BMW has yet to announce support despite being touted by Apple as a launch partner.

Now, Porsche has announced that Taycan drivers can also tap into support for Apple Maps EV routing. In its press release announcing the feature, Porsche explained that while it offers its own charging planner software, Apple Maps EV routing gives drivers another way to do so.

Every Taycan comes equipped with the Porsche Charging Planner, which optimizes stops based on anticipated state of charge (SOC) upon arrival, traffic conditions, and your average speed. However, because drivers interact with their vehicles in a multitude of ways, including Apple Maps EV Routing offers more choice in configuring a journey.

This means that when your iPhone is connected to CarPlay, Apple Maps will track your car’s charge level and provide detailed navigation directions for road trips. This includes whether or not you’ll need to stop to charge as well as charging times. It will also show you your estimated charge upon arrival at your destination.

Apple Maps takes into account several different factors to determine when and how often you need to charge. This includes the availability of chargers, the speed of those chargers, elevation levels, your driving speed, and more. It will then automatically insert charging stops along your route.

Additionally, if you drive until your charge gets too low, Apple Maps will present an alternative route to the nearest charging station. This also includes support for multi-stop navigation routes, which is a feature added in iOS 16 last year.

Porsche says that Apple Maps EV routing for Taycan owners is available now with the latest version of the My Porsche app on the App Store.

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