Tesla (TSLA) Shareholders Meeting News Hub – livestream

Tesla (TSLA) is holding its annual Shareholders Meeting at 4PM ET today and here you can find all the news coming out of the event.

You can watch the live stream of the event below.

Like every public company, Tesla has to hold an annual shareholder’s meeting where shareholders vote on some items like director appointments, stockholder proposals, and some special items.

Tesla likes to call its annual meeting ‘Cyber Roundup’ now.

After the official items, which are mostly boring as a majority of shareholders generally vote with the board’s recommendations, Tesla’s management generally holds a presentation about the state of the company and takes questions from shareholders.

This year is going to be a strange shareholders meeting for Tesla since the company just held a new event called Investor Day a few months ago. During that event, Tesla held a presentation and took questions from investors in a very similar way as it generally does at annual shareholders meetings.

Therefore, it’s not clear what this year’s annual meeting will look like beyond the official items.

But one thing is certain, shareholders are going to be able to ask questions to Elon Musk and the rest of Tesla’s management.

Tesla shareholders are likely going to ask about the state of Tesla’s demand, how the recent price cuts are affecting gross margins, Cybertruck production, and Musk’s commitment to the company as he splits his time with Twitter, SpaceX, and more.

You can watch the event here (starting at 4PM ET – 3PM CT in Austin Texas):

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