Tesla launches Powerwall in Spain

Tesla announced the launch of Powerwall, its home battery pack, in Spain – the latest market to get Tesla Energy.

Even though Tesla launched Powerwall almost a decade ago, the automaker has yet to expand it to all its markets.

The demand was so high for the home battery pack that Tesla had to focus its limited production capacity on its home market, the US, and markets where it would make the biggest difference due to high electricity rates, like Australia.

But we noted that Tesla has ramped up Powerwall production lately and made the home battery pack more widely available in existing markets, even removing the requirement to have it paired with a solar system in the US.

Now Tesla is expanding the availability of Powerwall to new markets. It is now available in Spain through a new partnership, Holaluz, a Spain-based solar installer.

Tesla announced on LinkedIn (translated from Spanish):

Tesla’s Powerwall residential battery is now available in Spain. Powerwall is an integrated battery system that reduces the carbon footprint by storing solar energy for use when the sun is not shining. It also maintains the light when the mains supply is cut off.

Holaluz added in a press release:

Holaluz, the leading energy transition company in Europe with an impact business model that aims to decarbonise the economy, has been chosen by Tesla to boost its roadmap to build the most impactful green energy community in Europe by unleashing the potential of electrifying energy demand by scaling distributed solar and storage.

Holaluz already has over 12,000 home solar installations in Spain. It can now offer to upgrade them with Powerwalls and plans to offer the home battery pack on future installations.

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