Tesla slashes Supercharger prices across Europe

Tesla has slashed Supercharger prices across most markets in Europe as energy prices are stabilizing downward following the crisis.

One of the biggest advantages of electric vehicles remains that their cost of operations is much lower than vehicles with internal combustion engines, thanks to electricity generally being much cheaper than gas. This is a fairly consistent advantage, but it does get affected by swings in electricity rates.

In Europe, there have been major swings in electricity rates over the last year due to the war in Ukraine. Tesla had to adjust prices with a massive hike to Supercharger pricing in September following the rates going up, but the electricity rates have settled down over the last few months:

Now, Tesla has decided to revise Supercharger prices, down today across almost all European markets. Most markets saw prices reduced by 10 to 20%, with some markets, like Spain, seeing Supercharger prices down by as much as 25%.

In Europe, Tesla Supercharger prices are especially important since the automaker has opened up a lot of stations to non-Tesla EV owners, making it a bigger business.

In recent comments, Tesla has indicated that it could become a profit center, something that the company has shied away from in the past.