Tesla Cybertruck prototype spotted stuck in a field

A Tesla Cybertruck prototype was spotted stuck in a field in rural Texas following the groundbreaking ceremony for Tesla’s new lithium refinery.

There aren’t that many Cybertruck prototypes out in the wild, which makes every sighting quite interesting.

Different sightings from varying angles can unveil new things about the highly anticipated electric pickup truck.

The prototypes also sometimes have new features or designs, like the Cybertruck that Tesla brought to the groundbreaking ceremony for its new lithium refining facility outside Corpus Christi, Texas.

We noted that it was equipped with a new tool rack that fits on the bed of the Cybertruck.

Now the same Tesla Cybertruck prototype was spotted stuck in a field near the event:

The Twitter user who captured the scene alleged that Elon Musk may have been driving the vehicle, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of that.

However, it does appear that the Cybertruck is stuck on the side of the road as several Tesla employees are seen seemingly bewildered around the truck.

Now before the naysayers jump on this, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong with the truck. The prototype might have had an issue, and it powered down, which is not uncommon for prototypes. You want those issues to happen during the prototyping phase and not the production phase.

It might also simply be stuck in the mud.

Tesla intends for the Cybertruck to be used as an off-road vehicle. Musk said that Tesla was updating the air suspension to have even more travel for off-roading and even hinted that Tesla might test the truck in Baja.

The electric pickup truck might not be quite ready for that yet, but again, the Cybertrucks you see on the road are still only prototypes.

Tesla aims to bring the Cybertruck to production this summer, with the first deliveries around the end of Q3. Volume production is not expected until next year.