Kia EV9 proves cold weather is no match for this electric SUV in latest testing video

Who says electric vehicles can’t perform in the cold? Kia took its new electric SUV to Arjeplog, Sweden, to test the EV9 in sub-zero temperatures to ensure its battery and charging performance were up to standard. With several features unique to Kia, the testing video shows cold weather can’t slow the electric SUVs’ roll.

After several months of teasing, Kia finally revealed the EV9 in March, its first all-electric three-row SUV with a seven seat option.

The flagship SUV is powered by dual electric motors, offering up to 379 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque delivering maximum range of over 336 miles (541 km).

Riding on The Hyundai Group’s 800V E-GMP platform, the same used for the IONIQ 5, Kia’s electric SUV can charge from 10% to 80% in 24 minutes with DC fast chargers. However, these are under optimal conditions.

To put its new electric SUV to the test, Kia took the EV9 to Arjeplog, Sweden, near the polar circle to see ensure the vehicle will perform in extreme cold weather conditions.

Gunther Frank, GM of development project operations at Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center says:

It’s a myth that EVs aren’t good to drive in the snow.

Frank continues to explain “Like the human body, a battery also has a certain temperature range where it feels most comfortable.” The EV will perform its best when its within this range.

Watch the Kia EV9 tear across the cold terrain in new video

To ensure driving performance and charging, Kia has introduced several new features with the EV9 for the first time. See how they work in the cold in Kia’s latest testing video below.

Perhaps, the most important, is battery conditioning (first introduced with the EV6) to pre-heat the battery before charging. That way, the EV9 can still ultra fast charge even in the cold weather.

Another new feature – EV Route Planner will automatically pinpoint charing points when needed. EV Route Planner and battery preconditioning work together to pre-heat the battery in the cold when a high speed charging point is approaching to speed up the process.

The EV9’s low center of gravity and long wheelbase help stabalize the EV while driving. Kia also optimized the EV9’s chassis and suspension to provide the right mix of smooth and responsive handling.

EV9 drivers can choose between snow, mud, and sand modes using the Terrain Mode Select button to further optimize performance in various driving conditions. When snow mode is active, the system adjusts motor torque output and distribution in addition to the chassis system to ensure safety in slippery conditions.

In the video, Kia equipped the electric SUV with dedicated winter tires for maximum grip and stability in the extreme cold weather.