Tesla teases new Cybertruck accessory: a tool rack

Tesla has teased a new Cybertruck accessory, a rugged-looking tool rack that fits on the bed of the electric pickup truck.

When Tesla first unveiled the Cybertruck back in 2019, the automaker talked about a few possible accessories that it plans to make for the electric pickup truck.

However, that was four years ago, and Tesla hasn’t elaborated on that subject in a while as the Cybertruck program has been delayed.

But now the electric truck is now finally close to production, and Tesla is teasing a new accessory.

At the groundbreaking ceremony for the Tesla Lithium Refinery in Texas, the automaker brought a Cybertruck equipped with a new tool rack:

Tesla hasn’t released any detail on the new roof rack for the Cybertruck, but such a product has been expected.

It enables a way to lay things flat on the roof/bed, which is going to make other accessories compatible with the Cybertruck.

Tesla aims to bring the Cybertruck to production this summer, with the first deliveries around the end of Q3. Volume production is not expected until next year.

Electrek’s Take

While Tesla hasn’t announced anything about this accessory, the product seems somewhat refined, and considering that we are very close to the start of production, I think it’s fair to assume this will be an actual Tesla Cybertruck accessory.

Like every accessory for the truck or any electric pickup truck, the biggest question will be, “How does it affect efficiency?”

For that reason, I am also really interested in how easily removable it is – since owners might want to remove it when efficiency is more important than utility.

What other accessories do you want to see Tesla offer for the Cybertruck? Let us know in the comment section below.