Tesla secures large order of parts for Cybertruck

Tesla has reportedly secured a large order of interior parts for the Cybertruck worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

There are many eyes on the Tesla Cybertruck production program. It is expected to have a significant long-term impact on the EV industry and the pickup truck market.

We have been tracking progress toward bringing the electric pickup truck to production with Tesla installing manufacturing equipment, and most recently, the automaker even released rare pictures of the production line.

Until now, we haven’t heard much from suppliers that will contribute to the Cybertruck production program.

Today, reports are coming out from Korea about Seoyon E-Hwa, a manufacturer of interior automotive parts, confirming a large order from Tesla for the Cybertruck:

It has been confirmed that Seoyeon E-Hwa has won orders for all A, B, and C pillars for Tesla Cybertruck. The parts contract period is until 2028, and related sales are expected to reach 300 billion won.

300 billion won is the equivalent of nearly $230 million US dollars’ worth of interior panels.

Tesla already does a lot of business with automotive suppliers in Korea. Seoyeon E-Hwa is known for working with Korean automaker Hyundai.

The company has established manufacturing facilities in the US in order to support Hyundai and Kia’s production there. It’s likely that the panels will come from those factories since Tesla is going to produce the Cybertruck in Texas.

Most recently, Tesla said that it plans to start Cybertruck production this summer and hold a delivery event around the end of Q3.

However, the automaker doesn’t expect to reach volume production of the electric pickup truck until next year.