LG Energy Solution just debuted a residential battery storage system in the US

Korean lithium-ion battery giant LG Energy Solution (LGES) wants to position itself as a battery storage system provider, so it’s launching a residential battery storage system in the US.

The new system is called Prime+, and it’s officially launching in the US this month.

LGES (a split-off from LG Chem) says that Prime+ is the first residential battery storage system including an inverter that it’s launching in the North American market under its own brand name. Prime+ is designed as a retrofit option for partial or whole home backup because it’s compatible with existing PV systems.

Prime+ connects two 10H or 16H Prime battery modules in parallel to offer a capacity of 19.2-32kWh, with a maximum output of 9.6kW from the inverter. LGES says the inverter has a plug-and-play design, and that the system’s installation process is fast, taking less than 10 minutes for full inverter and battery commissioning.

Prime+ is offered in two configurations. The backup solution includes the Prime battery, the inverter, and an auto backup device. The arbitrage solution includes the Prime battery, the inverter, and a smart meter.

If a customer wants to use Prime+ for self-consumption only, then arbitrage is the right fit, since it’s more cost-effective than the backup solution. Both configurations come with a 10-year warranty.

LGES is currently hosting pilot sites with installers in multiple US locations so the installers can familiarize themselves with the Prime+ energy storage system. LGES hasn’t yet disclosed the price.

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Photo: LG Energy Solution

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