Tesla launches new Model Y RWD in Canada to get access to up to $12,000 in incentives

Tesla has launched a new Model Y RWD in Canada starting at $59,990 CAD. The new lower price gives access to up to $12,000 in incentives.

It looks like Tesla is all about launching new versions of the Model Y for specific markets this week.

After launching the Model Y Standard Range AWD for businesses in the UK, Tesla is launching a new Model Y Standard Range RWD in Canada.

The new version features a smaller battery pack with a rated range of 394 km (245 miles) and a RWD drivetrain.

It starts at $59,990 CAD – $10,000 lower than the Model Y Long Range AWD, which is the next cheapest Model Y:

$59,990 CAD is about $44,300 USD. In comparison, the cheapest Model Y in the US starts at $46,990 following a price drop this week, but it is not the same version. It has a dual motor drivetrain and slightly more range.

Nevertheless, the new version is going to be welcomed by Canadians and especially Quebecers.

It is eligible for the $5,000 CAD federal EV incentive, like the Model Y Long Range, but unlike the Model Y Long Range, it is eligible to the $7,000 Quebec EV incentive.

You can stack them together for a $12,000 CAD discount for buyers in Quebec, meaning that the vehicle starts at just at $47,990 CAD or the equivalent of $35,400 USD.

The new version is likely going to be very popular in Canada, especially in Quebec, where Tesla Model Y and Model 3 vehicles are already quite popular.