Police appeal for witnesses after series of unprovoked attacks using fruit

Sussex Police are appealing for witnesses after reports of unprovoked attacks involving tomatoes being thrown at members of the public.

Around seven separate incidents of individuals being hit – in some cases in the face – with tomatoes have been reported in Eastbourne and Hastings, East Sussex.

In one case an individual was left with serious injuries after being hit with an unknown object.

“Most of these attacks have occurred during daytime hours when the victims have been out alone in open and public places,” investigator Caroline Bendell said.

“In all cases, the victims have been going about their daily routine when they have been hit by items believed to have been thrown or propelled in some way from a vehicle.”

In the first instance, on 12 April, a person was hit in the face with an apple on Bohemia Road, Hastings, causing minor injuries.

On 13 April, a person was hit on the arm with a tomato while walking along Firle Road, Eastbourne.

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On 14 April five people were subject to unprovoked attacks, with three people being hit by tomatoes and another two suffering injuries after being struck in the face with an unknown object.

Police believe the attacks are part of a series, although there have been no links established between each of the victims.

They urged any witnesses to come forward.