Tesla Cybertruck’s giant frunk has been spotted

A new image of the Tesla Cybertruck has emerged revealing the giant frunk (front trunk) of the electric pickup truck.

We have been closely following new Tesla Cybertruck prototypes spotted testing in the wild as the automaker is working to bring the electric pickup truck to production.

The prototype sightings are gradually revealing new features and giving better looks at known ones.

Yesterday, we reported on a Cybertruck spotted being tested in what appears to be a wind tunnel outside Gigafactory Texas.

The sighting showed the Cybertruck’s large windshield wiper in action for the first time.

Now a new photo of the same Cybertruck shows the electric pickup truck’s hood open for the first time:

We have suspected for a long time that the Cybertruck would feature a front truck, also known as a frunk, but Tesla never released details about it.

The sighting shows the hood of the Cybertruck opened for the first time, and it appears to reveal a huge frunk:

Frunks are becoming an important feature for electric pickups truck since they enable a trunk on top of having the bed, which is generally the only option with a pickup truck.

For example, the Ford F-150 Lightning has a massive front trunk:

It has given Cybertruck reservation holders hope that Tesla’s truck could also have a similar feature.

We have been expecting Tesla to reveal more details about the Cybertruck soon since it is scheduled to go into production in the coming months.