Volkswagen ID.7 flagship electric sedan full specs and images leaked

Sedans are making a comeback. Volkswagen’s all-new upper midsize electric ID.7 sedan has finally shown its face without camouflage. Ahead of its world premiere on Monday, April 17, in China, the full details and images of VW’s fully electric ID.7 saloon have emerged.

The new ID.7 is based on VW’s modular electric drive matrix (MEB) dedicated EV platform and will be the automaker’s sixth fully electric vehicle.

Volkswagen’s newest model will be the sixth fully electric vehicle in the ID. series, joining the ID.3, ID.4 SUV, ID.5, and ID.Buzz electric van (which just got a solar panel upgrade). In addition, VW sells the ID.6 in China.

The flagship model will be launched in the upper midsize segment in key regions, including Europe, China, and North America.

With a newly developed electric drive motor, VW claims the ID.7 will have significantly more power and efficiency than other MEB-based models as it’s designed for long-range travel. VW even goes as far as calling it an “electric limousine.”

Volkswagen introduced the ID.7 prototype at CES this year, initially claiming the electric sedan would have over 700km (over 434 miles) of range. The automaker included a special camouflage that creates an electroluminescent light effect.

Last month, the first images of the VW ID.7 without the special camo (still lightly disguised) emerged after a German newspaper reader spotted the new EV on a test drive and sent photos in.

We are finally seeing the production version after the Chinese Ministry of Information and Technology (MIIT) released images and specs of the VW ID.7.

Full specs and images of the VW ID.7 revealed in China

Regulatory officials released a list of cars that went through the approval process, showing images and specs of new vehicles, according to Car News China. Tuesday, it released the long-awaited VW ID.7 details.

From the images, the VW ID.7 incorporates elements from its ID Aero and ID Vizzion concepts, but the final design is unique on its own. The front end is about what you would expect from Volkswagen, with a curiously similar look to the iconic Passat model.

The production version shows a full light bar across the front, something that was not included in the prototype shown in January.

In the photo of the rear, you can see the name Vizzion included, which the concept did include full-width light bars on the front and rear, suggesting it could be called the “ID.7 Vizzion” in China.

Dimension-wise, the ID.7 is 4,956 mm long, 1,862 wide, 1,537 mm tall, and has a wheelbase of 2,965 mm, which is very similar to the VW ID.6.

The maximum speed from the 201 hp electric motor and 77 kWh battery is 155 km/h, or less than 100 mph.

Electrek’s Take

Although the ID.7 specs and images have yet to be confirmed by VW, how does the company expect the electric sedan to be a flagship global EV with this kind of power?

It’s likely the ID.7 will have more range and power when it comes to North America, as it’s expected to go on sale in early 2024 after launching in Europe by the end of this year.

Volkswagen is promising a long-range model with over 400 miles range; something is likely to change when it comes to the US, or the term “flagship” will not be fitting.