Volkswagen introduces ID 2all affordable EV concept with nearly 300 miles range

VW introduced its much anticipated affordable EV Wednesday, deemed the ID 2all concept with up to 450 km range (279 miles).

Introducing the Volkswagen ID 2all electric concept

After doubling down on its electric vehicle strategy with a new close to $200 billion investment (€180 billion) to accelerate digitalization and EV development over the next five years, VW is plowing ahead with a new EV concept.

VW delivered over 570,000 EVs last year, maintaining its position as BEV market leader in Europe, yet the automaker believes it’s well positioned for future growth with several new vehicle releases on deck.

To fend off incoming competition from Tesla, and many others, Volkswagen has introduced its economical electric vehicle, the ID 2all concept, that costs under $27,000 (€25,000).

The ID 2all is as spacious as its Golf model and as inexpensive as the Polo sitting below the recently upgraded ID. 3, with up to 279 miles range (450 km) and several new features. CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Thomas Shafer, explains:

We are transforming the company rapidly and fundamentally – with the clear objective of making Volkswagen a genuine Love Brand. The ID. 2all shows where we want to take the brand. We want to be close to the customer and offer top technology in combination with fantastic design. We are implementing the transformation at pace to bring electric mobility to the masses.

VW’s affordable EV will be based on its new modular electric drive (MEB) platform, dubbed the MEB Entry Platform, and will be the first vehicle with front-wheel drive based on it.

Initial plans called for Volkswagen’s ID. LIFE concept to be the first affordable EV based on the new platform designed for the smaller car segment, but those plans have seemingly been tossed to the side.

Interior and exterior design

The exterior takes inspiration from Volkswagen classics like the Beetle and Golf, previewing a new design language from the automaker.

On the outside, the ID 2all features a “clear and powerful” stance with strong fender flares covering a wide track, long wheelbase, and short overhangs alongside a cleaned-up front end.

Volkswagen recently brought back former Bentley and Audi designer Andreas Mindt as head of design for Volkswagen Passenger Cars, who says the VW ID 2all concept is based on three pillars – stability, likability, and enthusiasm.

One of the most prominent elements of the new interior design is the C-pillar design developed for the first Golf model. As such, the interior features a spacious, high-quality appearance.

The 12.9 touch display has a new menu structure with a separate air condition control panel below it. In addition, the new multifunction steering wheel is minimalist, with two thumb wheels and buttons on either side.

Powered by a “powerful electric drive motor,” the ID. 2all with an output of 222 hp (166 kW) and 226 PS, achieving 0 to 60 mph (0-100 km/h) in under seven seconds.

Volkswagen says its new electric car can be charged to 80% in less than 20 minutes, although specifics are not mentioned.

Despite the ID 2all being deemed a concept vehicle, Volkswagen says it will unveil the production version of the ID 2all for all European markets in 2025 with a goal of starting it at less than 25,000 euros.

The automaker now plans for at least one in every five vehicles sold globally to be electric by 2025, with the production version of the ID 2all being one of ten EVs launched by VW by 2026.

This year VW will introduce the new ID. 3, the ID. Buzz, and the ID. 7, which will be followed up by a compact electric SUV in 2026.

Electrek’s Take

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Volkswagen has plans to bring the ID 2all concept to the US. The good news, however, is that VW is planning to bring it to production.

The real question will be: Can they produce it for the price they are saying? Or perhaps, more importantly, can they produce it profitably at that price?

An under $27k, a good-looking electric vehicle with nearly 300-miles range from the VW brand would, in my opinion, sell well.