Tesla Cybertruck size revealed? How does it compare to a Ford Raptor?

Tesla Cybertruck’s size has apparently been revealed through executives at Investor Day, confirming that it is just a bit smaller than the original prototype.

Not long after unveiling the Cybertruck prototype in 2019, CEO Elon Musk started talking about making the electric pickup smaller to fit inside a regular garage.

In 2020, the CEO was asked what the biggest change is to Cybertruck from the prototype, and he responded that Tesla “reduced the size by ~3%,” made the “center line more level,” and “lowered the window sill height.”

Now, the Cybertruck is in a “pre-production beta phase,” just months away from the start of production, and Tesla has been shy about confirming changes, including the actual size of the electric pickup truck.

Today, Matthew Donegan-Ryan, a Tesla investor who attended Tesla’s Investor Day earlier this month, claims to have talked to Tesla executives at the event who confirmed many new details about the Cybertruck:

While Donegan-Ryan was there at the event and apparently did talk to Tesla personnel, the information can’t be confirmed, so take it with a grain of salt.

Most notably, he claims that Tesla confirmed the dimensions of the Cybertruck, saying that it was 5% smaller than the original prototype.

He claims the Cybertruck has about the same exterior dimensions as an F-150 Raptor Supercrew.

While the exterior dimensions would be extremely close, the bed would apparently be much larger.

Amongst other things that Donegan-Ryan claims to have confirmed with Tesla execs, the Cybertruck will have five seats instead of the six-seat configuration that was shown on the original prototype, he said. We suspected that this could be a possibility after seeing the preproduction beta prototype at the Investor Day with the center console. The center console, which used to change into the front center seat, had been modified and no longer looked removable anymore.

A few more details that Donegan-Ryan claims to have revealed include an 18-inch center display and a second-row center display like Model S and Model X; he also claimed that Tesla confirmed having a team working on Cybertruck accessories that will work on the 48-volt system.

We should soon start to get more official information from Tesla about the Cybertruck as the automaker gets closer to bringing the vehicle to production this summer.