Tesla announces a new ‘high-visibility glass roof’ for Model S

Tesla announced today that its new Model S vehicles come with a new “high-visibility glass roof” following a slight refresh.

There has been sort of a stealth refresh of the Model S and Model X. The main reason appears to be the integration of Tesla’s Hardware 4.0 Autopilot and Self-Driving sensors and computer, but the automaker used the opportunity to add a few more features.

We reported earlier today on Tesla introducing a new “ultra red” color for Model S and Model X. The automaker has also started to make a round steering wheel available instead of only having the “yoke.”

Now Tesla has sent an email to its customers to highlight all of those changes. Again, most of them we already knew about, but we also learned something new. Tesla says that it is introducing a new “high-visibility glass roof” to Model S:

Our new Model S roof glass lets in more light, allowing a clearer view of the sky, day or night, while maintaining the same level of heat and UV protection

You can get a quick look at it in this new video released by the automaker today:

Tesla claims that the new glass roof now “weighs less and lets in 5 times more light” compared to the previous glass roof while still providing the “same level of UV protection.” The automaker claims that it also “improves handling” by helping lower the center of gravity.

Interestingly, in its new communications about the updated Model S and Model X, Tesla doesn’t discuss the new Autopilot hardware – presumably, because those changes are also expected to come to Model 3 and Model Y, and the automaker doesn’t want to negatively impact sales until the transition is made.

While the company is staying quiet about arguably the biggest change to the Model S and Model X, Tesla did prominently highlight the recent price reduction. It notes that you are getting “more features for less.” We reported earlier this week that Tesla significantly dropped Model S and Model X prices, with the former now starting at just $90,000.