Mercedes-Benz shares pricing of US-built EQE SUV with potential for federal tax credits

Mercedes-Benz has finally shared the US pricing of its upcoming EQE SUV before it hits dealerships this spring. Since the all-electric luxury SUV will be built at Mercedes’ production facility in Alabama, certain trims may qualify for federal tax credits under new terms outlined in the Inflation Reduction act. Learn how all the price tiers break down below.

Mercedes-Benz’s EQ line of all-electric vehicles continues to grow in size and popularity by delivering some of the most luxurious and best performing models on the market today. This journey to one day becoming an entirely electric brand began with its EQS sedan, which was quickly followed up by a smaller version called the EQE in the fall of 2021.

The German automaker has also added EQC and EQB models, in addition to a seven-seat EQS SUV, which began production late last year as the company’s first EV built on US soil. It will soon be joined by an SUV version of the EQE, which made its public debut (without pricing) last October.

With first deliveries right around the corner, Mercedes has shared the pricing for each of the trims levels of the EQE SUV, some of which are low enough to potentially qualify for federal tax credits in the US.

Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV pricing starts under $78,000

Per the release from Mercedes-Benz USA this morning, the EQE SUV will arrive in the US at a starting MSRP of $77,900 for the 350+ / 350 4MATIC trim. At that pricing, the lowest tier time of the EQE SUV falls below the $80,000 threshold for electric SUVs built in North America and could very well qualify for federal tax credits up to $7,500.

While the US Treasury Department still owes the federal government its delayed battery guidance pertaining to what EVs will qualify, Mercedes sits in a promising position considering the EQE SUV is built in Alabama and its batteries come from a facility nearby in Bibb County – not to mention we now know its qualifying pricing. Moving on, Mercedes explained how the trims break down in variation:

The 2023 EQE SUV line-up features the EQE 350+ SUV, EQE 350 4MATIC SUV and EQE 500 4MATIC SUV. Similar to the EQS SUV, all models will be offered in Premium, Exclusive and Pinnacle Trims for the US market. For the first time, the fully variable 4MATIC all-wheel drive system with torque shift in the EQE 350 4MATIC SUV is offered at the same starting price as the EQE 350+ SUV, enhancing value for customers for the highest volume model. Each trim showcases EQ-specific innovative technologies and luxurious features, along with an array of additional options for further personalization

The German automaker shared that US consumers can expect to see two new components come standard on the EQE SUVs – a heat pump to efficiently warm the EV’s interior and and intelligent powertrain management system that can disconnect and re-engage the front motor in 100 milliseconds whenever necessary, helping reduce drag and improve range (expected to tally up to 342 miles on a single charge).

The EQE SUV will also arrive as Mercedes’ first EV on the EVA2 platform to offer an optional Driver Assistance Package (available on the Exclusive and Pinnacle trims only). This ADAS can initiate lane changes without driver intervention.

Through a previously announced collaboration with Electrify America, EQE SUV customers automatically receive unlimited 30-minute charging sessions on the EA’s US network for the first two years following purchase. Now that we’ve gotten official pricing, keep an eye out for EQE SUVs hitting US dealerships in the coming months.