Volkswagen Group expects 8 in 10 passenger cars to be EVs by 2030 after boosting sales target

Volkswagen Group has announced a revised target for its EV sales goal for Europe by 2030. The revised target builds upon the Group’s 2021 Accelerate electrification strategy and pertains specifically to its Volkswagen passenger car marque to help expedite the pace of EV adoption.

Although it hasn’t been without its fair share of issues (mainly in the software department), Volkswagen Group has seen tremendous sales growth in the EV market on the wings of high demand for its ID lineup of vehicles.

A seemingly insatiable appetite for zero-emissions vehicles around the globe helped the German automaker reach its 500,000 ID delivery target a year early, leading some analysts to believe Volkswagen will eventually surpass market leader Tesla in sales as early next year.

All that said, the automaker is only getting started. All of its decisions in the EV world date back to its Accelerate electrification strategy first introduced back in 2021. One of the key figures laid out in Volkswagen’s strategy was targeted EV sales around the globe. For instance, then Group shared its intentions to have 70% of all sales be fully-electric in Europe by 2030 and 50% in the US and China.

As the Group launches a slew of new and revamped EV models under its Volkswagen passenger cars brand, it looks to set an even higher bar in Europe.

Volkswagen ups EV sales target in Europe to 80% by 2030

While other German automakers are spinning their combustion dependent wheels warring with the EU commission over a complete ban of new fossil fuel vehicles by 2035, Volkswagen Group is doing the opposite and doubling down on its electrification targets.

Thomas Ulbrich, who lead’s Volkswagen passenger cars’ New Mobility business, recently shared the revised EV sales target for Europe, up from 70% originally laid out in the 2021 Accelerate strategy. 80% is now the most ambitious EV sales target of all the Group’s marques which also include Audi, Skoda, and Seat/Cupra. Ulbrich recently said the following to Automobilwoche:

The Volkswagen brand has always been at the forefront of these issues in the group and we feel obliged to set our targets so high.

Ulbrich is the first to admit this revised EV sales target is ambitious as BEV sales accounted for just over 10% of Volkswagen passengers cars’ total in 2022. Still, Ulbrich relayed that the revised target in Europe further demonstrates the Group’s commitment to its electrification strategy (in Europe at least). Its EV sales targets will remain at 50% by 2030 in the US and China… at least for now.

Looking ahead, Volkswagen passenger cars if launching a refreshed version of its ID.3, the ID.7 (seen above) will get a “near-production” unveiling next week, and an all-electric version of its ever-popular Tiguan SUV was recently announced for 2025. Models like this will be imperative in the future as Volkswagen looks to hit its revised EV sales target.