‘Not my King’: Monarch heckled by protesters on visit to Colchester

King Charles was greeted by boos and shouts of “not my King” when he visited Colchester.

The monarch and the Queen Consort were getting out of a car after arriving in the newly minted Essex city as protesters waved banners and one yelled through a megaphone “answer your critics, Charles”.

The protester also said “why are you wasting our money?”, and “don’t you believe in democracy Charles?”.

King Charles waved to gathered crowds before going through a gate into Colchester Castle’s grounds but did not appear to acknowledge the protesters who were standing on the far side of the road behind police officers.

Colchester was awarded city status during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations last year and officially became a city in November.

Charles and Camilla were met inside the castle’s grounds by a guard of honour and schoolchildren waving Union flags.

One schoolgirl handed the King a drawing of him, with the words “best King” written above the image.

Inside the castle, Charles met local organisations which represent the city’s heritage and communities, and was shown a historic vase and an artefact trolley by youngsters.

The mayor of Colchester, Tim Young, told the King during a reception: “Words cannot describe how much it means to us that you are here.”

He said that he was pleased that the Letters Patent – which officially recognise Colchester as a city – have been placed in the chapel of the castle, “especially as this is the very room where the mayoress and I had our wedding just 10 days ago – in this very room, in this very suit”.

“This will always certainly be a very special place for us,” said Mr Young.

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Outside the castle, the King revealed the name of Colchester Zoo’s newest addition, baby white rhino Dara, by pulling a cord to draw back material which had covered the name on an easel.

A town crier then rang a bell and boomed, as Charles chuckled: “Oyez, oyez, oyez! I officially proclaim Colchester Zoo’s newest addition as baby Dara.”

The King told zoo staff: “I do hope it grows into a substantial animal.”

He then departed by car as a band played God Save The King.

Andy Moore, conservation education manager at Colchester Zoo, said the name Dara means beautiful one in Swahili.

“It was all a secret and a surprise so His Majesty revealed it for us,” he said.

“And then the town crier, obviously – probably people in Wivenhoe and further away could hear.

“It was really great.”