Tesla is working on a Model Y refresh codenamed ‘Juniper,’ report says

A new report states that Tesla is currently working on a Model Y refresh codenamed “Juniper,” which should come into production next year.

We know that Tesla is currently working on a Model 3 refresh as prototypes have been sighted over the last three months.

Now Reuters reports that a Model Y refresh is following not too far behind:

The changes to the Model Y – code-named Project Juniper at Tesla – involve the exterior and interior of the crossover electric vehicle with a target of starting production in 2024, according to two of the people, who asked not to be identified because the planning remains private.

As we previously reported, Reuters has a less-than-stellar track record when it comes to reporting on Tesla, so we need to take this with a grain of salt.

In this case, it sounds like the publication is working with sources at Tesla suppliers:

Tesla has separately asked suppliers for quotes for a revamped version of the Project Juniper version of the Model Y for exterior and interior components that would go into production next year, two of the people said.

Based on that information, it claims that the refresh will involve the interior and exterior of the SUV, but no detail about what would be different is available. A start of production in October 2024 is currently what they are aiming for, according to the report.

The Model Y went into production in 2020, but it didn’t start to ramp up significantly until 2021.

Electrek’s Take

It is a bit early for Tesla to do a “refresh” of the vehicle, but it could also be about the automaker introducing significant architectural changes, like a structural battery pack – something that is currently only done on some Model Y vehicles built in Texas.

The report seems to be based on information from China with one of Reuters’ Shanghai-based reporters.

They could be hearing about Tesla’s project to introduce the structural battery pack Model Y at Gigafactory Shanghai.

Obviously, I don’t have their information and it’s just a guess, but it would make sense in my opinion.